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Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Charges

What exactly is a drug crime?

drug crime may include any criminal offense that involves controlled substances, which are regulated by the government. Illegal narcotics such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy are all controlled substances, as well as prescription drugs such as Codeine, OxyContin and Vicodin. A person may face drug crime charges in Columbus for the unlawful possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, sale, or trafficking of controlled substances.

What are some of the types of drug crime cases your firm handles?

Koffel Law Firm takes on such drug crime cases as: drug possession, drug cultivation, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of drug documents, drug trafficking, drug sale, and more. The firm can handle virtually any type of drug crime in the Columbus area.

Will I face misdemeanor or felony charges?

A drug crime may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the particular penalties that would be imposed upon a conviction. A misdemeanor is a lesser offense than a felony. The severity of drug charges you face will vary depending on what type of offense you have been accused of committing, your past criminal history (if any), the type of drug involved, and the amount of drugs.

What types of penalties may I face for a drug crime conviction in Columbus?

The penalties for drug crime convictions in Columbus will vary widely depending on the particular offense. However, some of the penalties that may be enforced may include imprisonment in county jail or a state correctional facility, fines, court fees, probation, mandatory rehabilitation or counseling, and driver's license suspension or revocation.

What is an unreasonable search and seizure?

An unreasonable search and seizure occurs when law enforcement conducts a search or confiscates evidence without probable cause or a valid warrant to do so. Evidence obtained in unreasonable search and seizures may not be used as direct evidence against a defendant facing drug charges.

Should I contact an attorney if I'm under investigation but formal charges have not been filed against me?

Even if you have not been arrested or if formal charges have not been filed, it is highly recommended that you talk to a Columbus drug crime attorney about your situation. At the very least, an attorney can advise you on what to do at this point to help ensure that you do not unintentionally incriminate yourself or do anything that would result in you facing criminal charges.

Contact a Columbus drug crime lawyer at Koffel Law Firm for more answers to your frequently asked questions about drug charges and penalties.

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